Military Clothing Is Still In Fashion

It is a very odd phenomenon but people who have nothing to do with war or defending the country often loves anything wearable that depicts someone who is in the services. Indeed, military t-shirts have become such a fashion icon that even stars and celebrities wear them. A military t-shirt does not necessarily say anything about the wearer but it just says that they are abreast of fashion.This garb comes in many styles and colors too. Indeed, it is not just the camouflage variety that has become fashionable. Some service men and women wear their company colors and logos even on their casual wear too and these make great gifts for family members who are not involved in the forces.

There are also other gifts and decals on the market which lots of people love to have on their desks, particularly if one of their own has had to go off to defend the nation and these also keep people in mind when there is trouble somewhere in the world. There is so much choice on the market that people could get a little confused as to which is the best company to buy from.

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3 Good Places to Find Affordable Military Clothes

Are you having trouble finding military clothing to add to your soldier themed fashion? Well, you should know that you’re not alone in this. There are many men out there who want to find quality and affordable military clothes. As you can see, men love these because of the fact that these have durable material and are comfortable to wear both indoors and outdoors.

Most men would rather pick simple clothing which are functional and light, rather than what women wear – branded, designer clothes and more stylish. Hence, they love these military clothes. Not only do these feel good, military theme has a certain impact to it that even if you’re wearing a shirt and fatigued pants, you will look stylish.

This is true for my father. Because of the fact that he’s such as an army fan, he has different apparel pieces which coincide with the theme. He does not buy the expensive ones. Of course, he still needs to be practical. Whenever my dad shops for military clothes, he only trusts three places:

1. Thrift Stores – Second hand clothes are not bad, especially if they’re still in good quality. Don’t forget to check out your neighborhood thrift store. These have great products and are great locations for military clothes. The best part about this is that these are cheap!

2. Surplus Stores – With the rise in demand for soldier themed clothing, manufacturers have also focused on the fashion. There are tons of surplus stores which sell these at a very affordable price.

3. Online Stores – Never underestimate the power of the internet. With it, you can find almost anything, even military clothing and accessories. An advantage here is that, you can find anything you want and compare prices. You can also find sites which offer free shipping services to make your purchase cheaper. Try Chief Supply for example. They offer a wide variety of everything military personnel need while on active duty.

With these great shopping locations, you are sure to find great military clothes at only the fraction of the price.


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Vintage Military Clothing Never Goes Out Of Fashion

When we wear vintage clothing we are resurrecting old clothes and restoring them to their former glory, and there is something great about that. Clothing that was once fashionable and worn by all is now refereed to as “Retro.” Yes, the clothes may look out of date and a little out of place, but they are still stylish. Wearing vintage styles allows us to express ourselves and enables us to relive previous trends. In essence we are paying our respects to the past. Military fashion is one such look and everyone who is anyone has something military in their wardrobe. Think about it laterally and we are in fact wearing what we call uniforms! The majority of military garb is either olive green, khaki or camouflage so we as wearers should blend into the background. However, wear a uniform in public and you expect to be noticed.

Street style is a current fashion and so vintage military clothing should have a place in your wardrobe. Wearing this clothing lets you express yourself and in a funny kind of way it can make you look and feel tough. Dress like a soldier, feel like a soldier and act like a soldier! Designing military clothing is big business and the people who design this apparel know that their customers mean business. A camouflage jacket is worn by someone with attitude.

If you love feminine fashions then try wearing military clothing in a different way. Put your mini-skirt and high heels on and throw a double breasted trench coat over the top. The effect is powerful, the look is a mix between daring and cutting edge. The street wise among us may prefer to don a pair of combat pants and a stylish tee.

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